HBS ed AP last generation piping composed by hollow bars of various sizes and aluminium accessories, which can conduct compressed air up to 15 bar.g, along with many other non dangerous fluids.
The tightness is guaranteed by common 'O' ring seals and the union of the components is achieved by blocking the socket head screws on relevant plates. The low roughness of the inner walls minimizes air resistance and increases performance in terms of flow rates and low load losses.
HBS and AP are particularly suitable for the realization of the system main lines and of modular manifolds on machines, control panels, automated lines of columns of descent from the main line.
The installation is quick and easy and is accomplished with simple tools, with no need to thread or solder any of the components. The air intake is carried out by piercing the aluminum profile, where necessary, and applying the outlet plate, at any time, even after the system is finished system has been completed.